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Posted on Dec 19, 2018 |

CPD Seminar of ICSB on “Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission and its Role in the Economic Development of Bangladesh

CPD Seminar of ICSB on “Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission and its Role in the Economic Development of Bangladesh

ICSB organized a CPD Seminar on ‘Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission and its Role in the Economic Development of Bangladesh’ on Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. at Samson H. Chowdhury Centre, Party Lounge (2nd Floor) Dhaka Club Limited, Dhaka.


Mr. Zahiruddin Ahmed ndc, Hon’ble Secretary and Chairman, Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh graced the occasion as the Chief Guest while Dr. Mostafa Abid Khan, Member, Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission, Govt. of Bangladesh was present as Special Guest. Mr. Khan also presented a Keynote Paper on the “Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission and its Role in the Economic Development of Bangladesh “. Prof. Dr. Feroz Iqbal Faruque FCS, Former Senior Vice President, ICSB and President & CEO of Trans World Resource Inc. was the Official Discussant on the Keynote Paper.

Mr. Mohammad Asad Ullah FCS, Chairman, Professional Development Sub- Committee, Immediate Past President and Council Member of ICSB presided over the CPD Seminar, delivered the address of welcome and summed up the session. Mr. Mohammad Asad Ullah FCS said that the activities of BTTC and its crucial role in the economic development of the country is very important. This Knowledge will tremendously help to educate ICSB Members in their diversified practical fields and to foster trade and economic development and thus help Bangladesh to achieve SDG. The BTTC perspective could be ideally supportive for their professional development and also to work as facilitator to Govt. revenue earnings in terms of their respective organizations. Bangladesh has already achieved higher status in the global arena for its successive economic stability and achievements. Donor agencies and international communities in the world referring Bangladesh as a success leader and role model to be followed by others. Bangladesh is growing first, per capita income is US$ 1725, foreign currency reserve rose to US$ 36 billion, our last year export earning was US$ 35 billion and this year’s target is US$ 41 billion. More and more high-profile development and industrialization is expected in the coming years with the completion of 10 mega and other ancillary projects the government has already started and planned.

The Chief Guest appreciated the profession of Chartered Secretaries for their hard work to ensure good governance in corporate sector and playing a vital role for economic development of the country. He mentioned that BTTC performing an active role in implementation of various trade related policy of the government. The government strategies under the industrial policy include rationalization of the protection to domestic industries from external competition in consistence with the Charter of the World Trade Organization and encouragement of industrial investment through tariff rationalization and appropriate fiscal measures. The Commission carries out studies and formulates policies for rationalization of tariff, liberalization of import regime and development of an incentive structure for strengthening the domestic production and export base. It reviews, on a continuing basis, the tariffs on imported raw materials and intermediate inputs, as well as on capital goods. It establishes effective coordination with the national board of revenue, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, the Bangladesh bank, Ministry of Planning/planning commission and Ministry of Commerce for establishment of a rational and dynamic tariff structure consistent with the government policy of economic management. We are all working for our country. ICSB is creating specialist Members who will play a significant role for our country. Both BTTC and ICSB is the organization under Ministry of Commerce. Hence, BTTC is interested to share knowledge with ICSB and interested to sing a MoU. We all work for the betterment of Bangladesh and dreamt of safe and developed Bangladesh.

A large number of Professionals, Qualified Chartered Secretaries and Corporate leaders and Executives from the leading corporate houses of Bangladesh also attended the program.