Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Bangladesh

A Statutory Body under an Act of Parliament

Administrative Ministry: Ministry of Commerce, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to a commitment to help communities achieve economic, environmental, and social sustainability through ongoing stakeholder engagement, active community participation, and public reporting of policies and performance in the areas of the economy, environment, and society.

ICSB uses resources that belong to the society and it is expected that the institute should operate in a sustainable manner and spend some amounts for the preservation and sustainability of resources that belong to the society.

Realizing our social responsibilities, ICSB began its active CSR activities in the year 2010 with the goal of educating its members, employees, and students about corporate social responsibility. The different activities that CSR initiatives carry out have the potential to alter students' perspectives. CSR initiatives have given pupils a more global perspective. No matter where they are from, people participate in CSR initiatives. Members and students of ICSB have been more involved in CSR initiatives than those of any other professional institute in the country.

ICSB has taken a number of steps towards its CSR activities, which include -

  • Responsible disposal of waste;
  • Reducing paper consumption;
  • Using Eco-friendly files/ folders/ bags;
  • Printing of draft documents on recycled paper, instead of plain paper;
  • Dissemination of Circulars and Notice to members through Email;
  • Declaration of Examination circulars and results through the website;
  • Facility for members to update/ change their details on their own through Institute’s ERP portal;
  • Interdepartmental/ intradepartmental correspondence electronically through email;
  • Printouts are taken if absolutely necessary and only on one side used papers;
  • The lights, computers, and ACs are being switched off during lunch hours/ immediately after office hours except for the staff working after office hours;
  • ICSB has taken initiatives for the cold-affected people of the country and etc.